PHANTOM 8960 + TexFL 鑰匙關節鎖

PHANTOM 8960/85 + TexFL 鑰匙關節鎖



 顏色  黑
 長度  85 cm
 鎖勾直徑  17 mm
 重量  675 g
 支架  TexFL

• Steel-O-Flex 鑰匙關節鎖
• 17 mm 交叉鋼殼保護內層鋼索
• 外觀有保護層材質,避免損傷車身烤漆
• 鋼殼以及支架由特殊硬化鋼所製成
• ABUS Extra-Classe 自動複位鎖芯,隨附 加密式雙面鑰匙
• 提供兩支鑰匙


 產品型號  產品規格  建議售價   活動特價 
 39680 9  8960/85 TexFL  NTD 1,850 元  NTD 1,110 元


 FL 與 TEXFL 支架有什麼差別呢?

FL :更加牢固,鎖在坐管螺絲處



ABUS Steel-O-Flex
At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered in overlapping shells made from toughened steel, like scale armour. As a result, its resistance to attempts to break it open is increased significantly, while its weight only increases slightly and its flexibility remains largely intact. This means that it is easy to attach any vehicle to a fixed object.