3D 列印鈦合金 Shimano 11s COATED

3D 列印鈦合金 Printed Hollow Ti Shimano 11s COATED

3D 列印中空鈦合金導輪 - 創新科技

3D 列印中空鈦合金導輪為全球首見的創新科技,這是 CeramicSpeed 及丹麥技術學院合作開發的成果。

3D 列印製程,又稱為積層製造,是以鈦粉末薄層一層層逐漸添加堆疊材料,再以雷射光加熱並逐層加壓固化,使之漸次成形。最終成品即為一輕量化的鈦合金導輪總成,再搭配上 CeramicSpeed 鍍層培林後,它在實驗室及道路測路的極端條件中,是獲得最高測試分數的一款導輪。

經認證,中空鈦合金導輪具有三倍長的使用壽命,同時還比 CeramicSpeed 的鋁合金標準導輪更輕量 10 %,比 CeramicSpeed 的鈦合金標準導輪更輕量 25 %。 3D 列印中空導輪,是其中一項公司所經歷的持續創新項目,旨在探索最新銳的現代科技。

A world premiere and technological innovation, these hollow 3D printed titanium pulley wheels are 5-10% lighter than our original titanium Pulley Wheels and guarantee the same unparalleled lifetime and reduced friction.

The combination of 3D printed titanium pulley wheels and coated CeramicSpeed Bearings result in the best pulley wheels in the world. Since the pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, this CeramicSpeed upgrade is the most effective way to save energy or improve your time.

The 3D printed titanium pulley wheels are extremely resistant to wear. This makes them a great choice if you ride in demanding conditions or just ride a lot. To give even greater protection and reduced friction, a super thin (2 microns) protective coating is applied to the bearing races. This further increases the resistance of the bearing to corrosion or damage from foreign objects.


 產品型號  產品規格 COATED  建議售價
 CSPW40603010 / 101719  Shimano 11s road + off-road  NTD 28,400 元

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