Shimano XT/XTR 11S

Shimano XT/XTR 11 speed

Designed for top performance on off-road Shimano XT/XTR derailleurs, these pulley wheels are developed to have a longer lifetime, even in the conditions provided by MTB riding, and deliver less friction. Thanks to the high-quality components CeramicSpeed uses, these pulleys are resistant to impact and perform at their best when going off-road. For extra protection when riding in wet and muddy weather, we recommend you to use the CeramicSpeed LongLife Grease instead of Oil.

Aluminium Pulley Wheels
Manufactured from a lightweight alluminium alloy, these CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels are guaranteed to optimise your drivetrain efficiency whatever your off-road discipline.



• 標準經典版本:四年保固
• COATED 版本:六年保固

提供特殊塗層 ” Coated ” 給客戶選擇,內置了 CeramicSpeed 鍍層培林。給您耐用性更強大,壽命更長久的產品性能。經過了特殊鍍層處理,代表更強的保護性和更低的磨擦。培林軌道鍍上超薄的保護鍍層 ( 2-3 微米 ),進一步強化了培林抗腐蝕和抗外物損傷的能力。


 產品型號  產品規格 COATED  建議售價
 102023  11T / Alloy / Black / 607 stainless steel    NTD  7,000 元
 102077  11T / Titanium Nature / 607 COATED  NTD  15,200 元


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