Shimano 11S

CeramicSpeed Pulley Shimano 11 speed

Shimano 11s road + off-road

• 材質:Aluminum、Titanium
• 顏色:紅、黑、粉、自然銀
• 變速器:Shimano 11S
• 段速:11

• 非常低的摩擦力
• 非常久的壽命
• 更可以提供給您順暢的轉動並且減低阻力

Upgrade your Shimano rear derailleur with CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for reduced friction and extended lifetime. The pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, making an upgrade to CeramicSpeed an effective way to save energy. CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels can be used for all cycling disciplines, and will last longer than any standard pulley wheels. The CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for Shimano rear derailleurs are specially designed to reduce friction to an absolute minimum, virtually eliminating the drag associated with standard pulley wheels.

Aluminium Pulley Wheels
These pulley wheels are made from a light Aluminium alloy that guarantees top performance, whatever your riding discipline. All components of our pulley wheels are of the highest quality, ensuring the best results.

Titanium Pulley Wheels
To benefit from the ultimate pulley wheels when it comes to wear and tear, we have introduced the titanium pulley wheels, which are extremely resistant to wear. This makes them a great choice if you ride in demanding conditions – for example off-road, in wet or otherwise corrosive environments. The titanium pulley wheels are also available with coated bearings to reduce friction and prolong lifetime even further.


• 標準經典版本:四年保固
• COATED 版本:六年保固

提供特殊塗層 ” Coated ” 給客戶選擇,內置了 CeramicSpeed 鍍層培林。給您耐用性更強大,壽命更長久的產品性能。經過了特殊鍍層處理,代表更強的保護性和更低的磨擦。培林軌道鍍上超薄的保護鍍層 ( 2-3 微米 ),進一步強化了培林抗腐蝕和抗外物損傷的能力。


 產品型號  產品規格 顏色 限量 COATED  建議售價
 101694  Shimano 11S Aluminum 鋁合金      NTD 7,000 元
 101692  Shimano 11S Aluminum 鋁合金      NTD 7,000 元
 105022  Shimano 11S Aluminum 鋁合金    NTD 7,000 元
 101714  Shimano 11S Titanium 鈦合金 自然銀      NTD 12,300 元
 101715  Shimano 11S Titanium 鈦合金 自然銀    NTD 15,200 元

 ( 限量版售完為止 ) Coated 版本:六年保固 / 標準版本:四年保固


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