The CeramicSpeed Headset provides you with enhanced steering quality, extended lifetime and increased resistance to corrosion. Thanks to the high quality CeramicSpeed components, the CeramicSpeed Headset Bearings have 3-5 times longer lifetime than steel bearings.

CeramicSpeed Headsets compatible with Scott framesets designed for bike models such as Addict/Solace and Foil. All Headsets are available with coated or standard CeramicSpeed Bearings. Make sure to choose the according bike model to find the kit that matches your bike.

Developed to deliver increased resistance to corrosion and improved steering performance, these CeramicSpeed Headsets for Scott bike frames ensure a longer lifetime being superior to the standard headset bearings usually used. Thanks to a special grease used inside the bearings, your CeramicSpeed Headset features high protection against corrosive factors, which can be enhanced even further by choosing the coated bearings. The product package contains both a dust cover and spacer, which are designed to match seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your Scott bike.

 產品型號  產品名稱
 產品規格 Coated
 101519  Scott headset 1  Upper: 1-1/8" Lower: 1-1/4"    NTD 8,400 元
 101521  Scott headset 2  Upper: 1-1/4" Lower: 1-1/2"    NTD 9,500 元
 101520  Scott headset 1  Upper: 1-1/8" Lower: 1-1/4"  NTD 12,000 元
 101522  Scott headset 2  Upper: 1-1/4" Lower: 1-1/2"  NTD 13,000 元

 Package contains 包裝內含
- Scott Headset
- Grease
- Sticker Sheet

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