3D 列印鈦合金加大導輪

OSPW 3D Printed In Titanium 3D 列印鈦合金加大導輪
( 保固 6 年版本 )

Ceramicspeed 你的關鍵勝利

「透過 Ceramicspeed 不斷創新,才能超前領域讓感受不同。」

到底是什麼讓人忍不住想要多看一眼?Ceramicspeed 今年帶來什麼令人興奮的產品?
上帝說:要有光,於是有了光。 ceramicspeed 說:必須是鈦合金,所以有了 OSPW 3D 列印鈦合金導輪。


Pulley wheels
CeramicSpeed 3D printed hollow Titanium 17-tooth upper and lower
Bearings  CeramicSpeed coated
Shimano Ultegra/ Dura Ace (6800/7800/7900/7970/9000/9070) and SRAM Red/Force/
Rival/Apex, both 10s and 11s, electronic and mechanical
Spring tension settings  Adjustable
Cage material Carbon reinforced PA
Hardware Titanium bolts
Weight complete system up to 70 g
Compatibility casstte
On Shimano groupsets fits up to 28t on most bikes, depending on rear derailleur
hanger. For SRAM, fits most bikes with up to 32t cassettes.


 Design & Advantages (3D printed Ti Oversized Pulleys)
• Exclusive option designed for maximum strength
• Architecture inspired by nature
• Hollow, light, yet strong spokes as a grain straw
• Smooth and fluid arches as a Danish national Marguerite Daisy
• Durable and organic spans as a nature-carved sandstone archway
• Sleek tooth profile for smooth rolling efficiency and control
• Innovative hollow Titanium option - 3D printed technology
• 2 times longer lifetime compared to aluminium
• 10 % lighter than aluminium oversized pulleys
• Lower friction
• Developed and handmade in Denmark



 產品型號   產品規格   建議售價
 102068  Shimano 10 + 11s (Ultegra + Dura Ace)  NTD 54,000 元
 102069  SRAM eTap  NTD 54,000 元
 102070  SRAM 10+11s (mechanical)  NTD 54,000 元
 103649  Shimano 9100-series  NTD 54,000 元

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