Descendant 握把

Descendant Grip

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TRUVATIV Descendant Grip

The Descendant grip is for the performance-driven hard charger who needs maximum grip and confidence in their cockpit. Featuring a full-width contact area that extends from the inner clamp right to the end of the bar. The ridged pattern allows for a soft-to-touch feel and makes for superior grip and control. Available in solid colors, marble and gum options, these grips give you the option to match grip performance with your personal style.


  • Single-ring clamp for max width and comfort
  • Available in Black, Gray, Gum Rubber, Red, Gray/Black Marble and Red/Black Marble
  • Soft and durable ridged rubber grip pattern


00.7918.100.000 Truvativ Descendant Grips Black Single Locking 133
00.7918.100.001 Truvativ Descendant Grips Red Single Locking 133
00.7918.100.002 Truvativ Descendant Grips Gum Single Locking 133
00.7918.100.003 Truvativ Descendant Grips Gray Single Locking 133
00.7918.100.004 Truvativ Descendant Grips Light Gray/Black Marbled Single Locking 133
00.7918.100.005 Truvativ Descendant Grips Red/Blood Red Single Locking 133

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COLOR - GRIPS Black, Gray, Gum, Marbled, Red